About Us

We are Kevin and Maureen Shick, and this is our blog about embarking on a new chapter in life.

We are lifelong Chicagoans, but in 2015 we moved 50 miles east to the beach community of Beverly Shores, Indiana in search of both a slower pace, the beautiful environment of the Indiana Dunes, and a lower cost of living.

But over the last several years we had hatched another plan: once Maureen retired we would buy an RV and see the country. We rented motorhomes twice over the last ten years to test the waters. We liked it enough that in September, 2014 we bought a 23 foot Lance travel trailer. We took several weekend trips and one two-week shakedown cruise to see how we liked the lifestyle. We loved it, so all systems were Go!

We considered full-timing, but have decided instead to make Beverly Shores our home base and venture out from there. It’s hard to say how much time we will spend on the road, so please take the journey with us and see what unfolds.

About Maureen
Maureen retired from a career in association management in 2015.  Although a city girl at heart, Maureen has adapted quite well to life in Northern Indiana.  Maureen enjoys travel of all types, walking, meeting new people, reading and writing fiction.  A favorite pastime is sending postcards to her nieces and nephews from all over the world. She hopes to brush up on her high school Spanish and learn how to meditate with her newfound free time.

About Kevin
Kevin retired from his career in technology and management consulting in 2011.  After 30 years of an intensely analytical life, he felt a need to beef up the neglected right side of his brain, so he plunged into fine art photography – a passion which had been on hold since his college days. You can see and learn about some of his work at www.kevinshick.com.  In addition to photography, Kevin enjoys reading, cooking, hiking, learning to play the piano, and working on the house and RV.